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                                                                Just hours after the passage of the billπ, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government and six Beijing offices voiced their “strong condemnation” for Washington‘s meddling in Beijing’s internal affairs and for their public support for violent rioters who have seriously destroyed the peace and stability of Hong Kong▽⊙。


                                                                “CNN到访时♀,只有大约50名抗议者在里面△π。一些人在睡觉▽⊙┊,另一些人则漫无目的地看手机♀♂。”在游泳池里练习抛掷汽油弹——“Several tried to jump across a highway near the pool□↑☆, which had been emptied and used for Molotov cocktail-throwing practiceπ◇。 ”




                                                                法案通过后□,美国众议院共和党领导人凯文·麦卡锡( Kevin McCarthy )在社交媒体上一句别有用心的言论充分暴露其无知♀?⊿。


                                                                “美国将与香港人民站在一起♂⌒,惩罚中国进一步的侵略⌒。”“The United States stands with the people of Hong Kong and will punish further aggression by China♂。”



                                                                “在校园的一个入口处?〇∟,有一股明显的垃圾和汽油的臭味π∟⌒,十分刺鼻♂⊿。”遍地汽油弹瓶子——“Thousands of unused petrol bombs littered the campus on the path to the canteen〇∟, which had become something of a main headquarters for the protesters﹡∴♀。”

                                                                “数千枚未使用的汽油弹散落在通往食堂的道路上〇∴,这里已经成为抗议者的主要基地◇π?。“记者上午十一点半到访有留守者还在睡——“Only about 50 or so protesters were inside when CNN visited∴。 Some slept while others looked aimlessly at their phones♂。”



                                                                两个人都大言不惭地提到了“香港人民”▽♂∟,然而他们口口声声支持的“渴望民主的香港人民”却是这样的:破坏地铁设施——四处纵火——设置路障——伤害无辜市民——殴打日本游客——而美国政客选择性忽略的香港人民是这样的:实名联署支持政府止暴制乱——自发上街“撑警”——为清理路障的驻港部队拍手欢呼——综上∟,这群不敢亲自踏足香港的美国议员随意张口通过的“人权”法案⌒♂,到底在“庇护”一群什么样的人呢♀?几位CNN记者造访了被示威者当作基地的香港理工大学□♂□,并记录下自己的见闻:校园环境堪忧——“Atop one of the campus‘ entrances♂, there was a noticeable stench of smoldering rubbish and petrol that burned the nose☆⊿⌒。”

                                                                Excuse me♂▽┊?中国侵略⌒▽↑?这位仁兄π,世界地理该补补课了吧♀△!美国民主党一位叫迪克·德宾 (Dick Durbin)的参议员也急不可待地在社交媒体表决心π。“我们必须毫不犹豫地支持香港人民的民主诉求♂。”“We must show our unequivocal support for the democratic aspirations of the people of Hong Kong〇△。”


                                                                Following the voice vote by the U.S△◇☆。 Senate⌒⊙﹡, the House of Representatives△, which approved its own version of the Hong Kong bill last monthπ, will now have to work with the Senate to figure out a unified bill before having U.S∵△⊿。 President Donald Trump make the ultimate decision on whether it can be signed into law↑﹡♂。

                                                                This act neglects facts and truth♂♀, applies double standards and blatantly interferes in HKSAR‘s affairs and China’s other internal affairs▽↑。 It is in serious violation of international law and basic norms governing international relations♀, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang in a press statementπ∟?。


                                                                “他们以理大校园为基地?▽,展开行动♀π,堵截附近的道路和连接九龙与香港岛的海底隧道π∵。”记者还采访了校园里一位负责医疗的志愿者┊⌒▽,赵医生△☆。这位医生感慨↑∴,香港警察不容易——“They have been working under a lot of pressure these months﹡◇。”

                                                                The issue Hong Kong faces is not about human rights or democracy♂☆, but about stopping violence and chaos﹡∵, upholding rule of law and restoring order as soon as possible▽□◇, Geng pointed out﹡△, adding that the radical┊∴♀, violent and criminal practices over the past five months have  severely threatened people‘s safety and property↑, disrupted the rule of law and social order of Hong Kongπ↑♂。

                                                                “一些人(为了出逃)试图跳过一条高速公路〇⌒π,临近的游泳池已经空了◇△♂,被用来练习扔汽油弹□☆。”校园里一片狼藉⊿,校园附近的公路、隧道和公共设施也被毁坏——“They had used the PolyU campus as a base from which they launched operations to block nearby roads and the Cross-Harbour Tunnel which connects Kowloon to Hong Kong Island⊿。”


                                                                The Chinese official called for Washington to immediately take action before making this act into law↑, otherwise∴↑⊿, Geng warned┊, China will have to “take strong countermeasures to defend our national sovereignty﹡◇◇, security♀, and development interests if the U.S﹡。 insists on making the wrong decisions”☆∴。



                                                                On Tuesday night┊〇, U.S♀∵。 senators approved the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act (sponsored by Florida Republican Marco Rubio) and the Protect Hong Kong Act (sponsored by Oregon Democrat Jeff Merkley)﹡☆☆。


                                                                “这几个月他们一直在很大的压力下工作┊。”Screenshot via CNN为了避免混乱演变成无政府主义灾难▽,香港特区政府和警队数月以来一直苦苦支撑﹡,却没想到还有美国政客在背后插刀π。





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